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Herd Immunity

I had my belated annual physical yesterday. My doctor informed me that my weight was up some from previous years and we had some discussion as to why. She's a super rad lady and made sure that I knew it wasn't that I needed to be skinny, but that she wanted to make sure I was fit, healthy and strong. I've been relatively inactive this winter and it definitely shows. So I began thinking about lifestyle changes and goal setting which boil down to trying to loose 18 pounds by the end of the summer through exercise and modifying my eating habits some. I think I mostly need to work more on portion control and doing things like eating more slowly and waiting longer before I decide I need seconds. I think what I eat is mostly fine.

It's already bringing up some feelings of food guilt that I need to deal with. I think I need to have an attitude about eating that's more about listening to what my body needs (or doesn't) than one that's about deprivation or control. More about always having leftovers when I go out to eat than feeling like I shouldn't go out to eat or feeling bad about doing so. And of course trying to make healthier choices when I'm out to eat (salad instead of fries) and going out a little less frequently. It's mostly how I function now, but I think I need to be more conscious of it and really reflect on the food I'm eating and think signals my body gives me around hunger and satiation.

I also started tetracycline for my skin and got vaccinated for tetanus and Hepatitis A. Both of my arms are sore, especially if I raise them more than 90 degrees. I got blood drawn for HIV and syphilis testing and the poor n00b phlebotomist had such problems getting and then milking my trickster vein. I tried to reassure her that people always have issues with my veins and that it's no big deal and I think that helped some. She didn't even end up bruising me, even though it took awhile.


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