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Just keep counting the stars

like someday you'll find out just how many there are

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got a weak pair of lungs
from a childhood disease

I listen to music.

12 rods, a brave new world, abortion rights, ale, alternatives, alton brown, analogue modeling, animal rights, aphex twin, asian food, astronomy, bare feet, basalt, baseball, bathing lenin, baths, bdsm, beads, beer, bicycles, biking, binding, birds, body modification, boys on bikes, brass instruments, bronze instruments, captain jean-luc picard, cats, celeste bianchis, cetaceans, communist bunnies, concrete, conglomerate rocks, coniferous trees, connery as bond, cooking, cryptonomicon, cuddling, cycling, danny elfman soundtracks, dave foley, dictionaries, dostoyevsky, eskers, explosions in the sky, female reproductive health, fire belly newts, firefly, fixed gears, forams, futurama, gaby immerman, gamelan, gauged ears, gay marriage, gay rights, gender-fuck, geographic information systems, geography, geology, german beer, girls on bikes, godspeed you black emperor, good eats, guitars, gustav klimt, halloween alaska, happy apple, history, horticulture, hugs, international adoption, intrusive dikes, johnny cash, keyboard shortcuts, kid dakota, kids in the hall, lio, lithic clasts, love, love-cars, low, lycra, macs, maps, mason jennings, mbiras, metamorphism, minneapolis, minneapolis night skyline, minneapolis sounds, monochromes, my stella, naps, neal stephenson, nerds, non-monogomy, not identifying, painting, pandas, pearl jam, pelagic fishes, perfect basal clevage, photography, plants, pottery, quantum fetish mechanics, questionable content, quilts, radiohead, rocks, saxaphones, scuba diving, second-hand feather comforters, sex, sexuality, sleeping, spectrums, speculums, star trek, stars, stephen hawking, stout, sub-saharan africa, talking to beccah, tattoos, tea, teapots, texas hold 'em, the bad plus, the beatles, the cyrillic alphabet, the decemberists, the keeper, the simpsons, the wilson cycle, thrust faults, tim burton movies, tng, vegan food, veganism, weird fetishes